Vintage furniture

vintage furnitureVintage furniture will never go out of fashion because it is just that, vintage. They say fashion comes in circles, and that is often true for interior design. Vintage furniture can be used in retro or modern interiors, either to create a theme or simply to accessorise. Furniture can be used to accent, and the right piece can bring a room alive.

Vintage Stacking Chairs

Vintage stacking chairs are the epitome of useful retro furniture. From dining chairs in restaurants to seating in office meeting rooms, stacking chairs are about as versatile as it gets. Most were once school chairs or church hall chairs, and their marks of wear and tear add to the character they provide. So many styles are out there to choose from. Upholstered chairs with padded seats, chairs with neon painted frames, armchairs… the options are endless. Stacking chairs are a particularly popular choice for businesses. Due to their stacking ability, they are the perfect chairs to keep as spares for bringing out during busy periods. Not only that, but they can be stacked away to make floor cleaning easier. Quirky cafes, industrial style bars, even home kitchens can benefit from vintage stacking chairs. They are ideal for adding a pop of colour – if you’re choosing one with a brightly coloured frame – or simply some industrial vintage style. Their ‘lived-in’ look perfectly suits industrial inspired interiors.

Quirky Vintage Accessories

A quirky vintage accessory makes for a great focal point for any room. A retro ornament can add a touch of nostalgia that gets people talking.

vintage accessories

Vintage clocks and other wall decorations can tie in beautifully with modern interiors, and odd finds such as old beer crates and steamer trunks can be given new leases of life as funky coffee tables or footstools. The beauty of vintage is that you can upcycle it to be whatever you want it to be.

Restaurant Furniture

Vintage and industrial inspired restaurants, cafes and bars are perfect places to make good use out of industrial furniture. Vintage school chairs provide versatile dining seating, whilst larger pieces can be used in numerous ways. Industrial trolleys make quirky serving trolleys, old mining carts can be transformed into distinctive tables, and factory pigeon holes are just the right size to display bar snacks.

vintage lighting
And it isn’t all about dining furniture and vintage storage, industrial lighting is also very popular. Large industrial pendant lights add an urban edge to retail and food establishments, and even look good in domestic kitchens above breakfast bars.
Whether you’re decorating your home, furnishing an office, or adding the finishing touches to a boutique hair salon, there’s something vintage out there for you.

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