Pedestal dining tables

pedestal dining table

Pedestal dining tables are the ideal centrepiece for any dining room, kitchen or restaurant. Available in a range of shapes, styles and sizes, pedestal dining room tables are a stylish addition to any space. Choose a large, traditional table for spacious areas, or opt for a smaller pedestal kitchen table if you have limited room.

Rustic Pedestal Dining Table

If you like more traditional furniture, why not choose a rustic pedestal table? A larger pedestal dining room table will have a double pedestal base; the two feet are usually connected by a cross-stretcher. These tables tend to have a chunky, rustic appearance with lots of character and are ideal for dining rooms or large farmhouse kitchens.

The finish on the wood is also very important. For a chunky, rectangular pedestal table, we recommend a waxed finish – this maintains the traditional style of the table and adds to its rustic character.

Limed pedestal tables look great in farmhouse kitchens, or rooms with a vintage style. Often, matching benches are available to complete the look. A distressed table and matching bench could also be paired with upholstered chairs for a more modern, shabby chic vibe.

Modern Pedestal Table

For a modern feel, choose a slightly slimmer table. You can keep the chunky double base, but go for a thinner top to compliment smaller rooms or more contemporary styled interiors.

Again, it’s all in the finish! For a more modern look, a coloured oiled finish can help tie in your whole interior. Why not have it colour matched to your wall paint? You can also go for a very unique look such as shown on the distressed limed elm table here

The limed wash we mentioned previously works well with both modern and traditional interiors, and is the ideal mid-point between rustic and modern. It is great for those searching for something with more character than the waxed finish, but that isn’t full-on colour. This subtle finish can really make your dining table stand out as the focal point of your room.

Double Pedestal Table vs Single Pedestal Table

The pedestal is a really flexible base option and allows more chairs to be placed around the table than a table with four legs. This space-saving design is true of both a single pedestal table base, and a double pedestal table base.

Double pedestal bases tend to suit larger tables, and they are more frequently seen in home kitchens and dining rooms. However, this style isn’t just for homes. Double pedestal tables also look great as feature tables in restaurants, bars, and even office meeting rooms. Paired with glamorous chairs, this makes for a stand-out furniture set up. It’s an effortless way to dress up a drab work environment, or add tons of style to a chic restaurant.

Single pedestal bases are also ideal for homes, but tend to be more suitable for smaller spaces, such as flats or apartments. The smaller size of the single pedestal dining table makes it a popular choice for commercial environments; perfect for restaurants, pubs, bars, cafes and bistros. Again, the pedestal design allows more chairs to be placed around it, which is why this style of table is a firm favourite with businesses who are keen to maximise on space.

Styling your Pedestal Dining Table

Many modern pedestal tables are made to order from new or reclaimed wood, allowing you to customise the size and finish to suit your interior. When made from reclaimed wood, the tables feature knots and grooves, which make each piece of furniture unique..

A wooden pedestal table is a stunning way to add character to a kitchen or dining room. Placed over an oriental carpet or plush rug, a strong feature table can make a huge change to the styling of a room. Equally, metal top tables are on-trend at the moment and can add an industrial edge to a home or business.