Modern dining tables

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A modern dining table is a sought-after feature for any home. The dining table is not just a piece of furniture. Memories are made around the kitchen table, celebrations are had, and the dining area is the centre of life in most family homes. Whether it’s a trendy poseur table you have your eye on, or space saving dining tables are your thing, it is important to choose a table that suits your needs

Modern Dining Table

Upon hearing the phrase modern dining table, you may think of contemporary designs that don’t quite fit with the average home. That doesn’t have to be the case. Trendy dining rooms come in all shapes, forms and styles. A quirky vintage industrial style dining table can bring character to a room, or a rustic wooden table can bring a cosy, down-to-earth vibe. Style more traditional tables with plush upholstered chairs for a contemporary twist.

Why not mix two styles together? A modern contemporary dining table with an industrial edge would suit a large, urban kitchen or dining room. A copper or brass table top on a simple pine base is the ideal way to achieve this look; pair with ribbed leather chairs in black or tan for a muted colour scheme or bright colours for a more vibrant appearance.

Space Saving Dining Tables and Stackable Tables

Bars and restaurants could make good use of space saving dining tables. Stackable tables are perfect for storing as extras ready to bring out at busy periods, and in generally come in handy when it’s time to clean the floors. Wooden topped tables with tubular metal legs work well with minimalist themes, and their vintage inspired style will add charm to any space. Stacking chairs are the ideal partner to stackable tables. Poseur tables are also a firm favourite with commercial eateries – the perfect pairing to modern bar stools.

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Being economic with space isn’t just for bars and restaurants; increasingly, domestic dining areas are adopting a minimalist style. Offices converted to flats or upmarket apartments are often tight for space. Space saving dining tables are ideal for these small kitchens and open-plan living areas, and poseur tables are the ideal alternative to a breakfast bar – find your perfect modern contemporary dining table that fits any room.

Vintage Industrial Style Dining Table

Industrial and vintage style furniture is very trendy right now, and may be just what you need to bring your kitchen dining area up to date. There are so many unique styles out there, whether it’s a table inspired by an old school science bench, or inspired by a factory workbench with a metal top. The 1960s/1970s brought us style in many shapes and forms, and these retro designs are reappearing in contemporary furniture.
Whatever you desire for your kitchen or dining room, your modern dining table or kitchen table can be anything you want it to be. There’s no end to what you might find!